Conditions of participation


Open for purebred AT horses that are registered and confirmed purebred by VNIIK, and partbred AT horses with minimum 50% AT blood – copy of documents must be attached to the entry form.


1. Entry form, sent before deadline

2. Copy of pedigre

3. Good quality photo of horse in conformation position (for catalogue)

4. Payment of entry fees and its verification

5. Verification of proper health status at arrival

Entry form
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Deadline of entries


The dealine of entries is 01. May 2017. For entries submitted after the above date, a double entry fee will be charged. No entries are accepted after 31.May 2017.



Entry fee: 30 EUR/horse

Movement evaluation: 30 EUR/horse

For sale category: 20 EUR/horse

Grading fee (bonitirovka): 15 EUR/horse

Box fee: 45 EUR/horse

Dinner party: 45 EUR/horse



IBAN: HU46-10102770-45496100-01000000

Name of Bank Account Owner: Akhal-teke Tenyésztők Magyarországi Egyesülete




The classes will be finalized after the closing of the entries; there has to be at least 4 horses in each class, classes can be merged.


1. 1-2 years old purebred fillies

2. /1-2 years old purebred colts

3. 3-4 years old purebred mares

4. 3-4 years old purebred stallions

5. 5-14 years old purebred mares

6. 5-14 years old purebred stallions

7. purebred mares over the age of 15

8. purebred stallions over the age of 15

9. 1-2 years old partbred foals

10. partbred mares over the age of 3

11. partbred stallions over the age of 3


Evaluation of movement:


12. 3-4 years old partbred horses

13. partbred horses over the age of 5

14. 3-4 years old purebred horses

15. purebred horses over the age of 5




Purebred Junior Champion (classes 1-2.)

Purebred Junior Reserve Champion (classes 1-2.)


Purebred Champion Mare (classes 3, 5, 7.)

Purebred Reserve Champion Mare (classes 3, 5, 7.)


Purebred Champion Stallion (classes 4, 6, 8.)

Purebred Reserve Champion Stallion (classes 4, 6, 8.)

Partbred Champion (classes 9-10-11.)

Partbred Reserve Champion (classes 9-10-11.)


European Champion 2017, European Reserve Champion 2017 -Selected from the purebred Champions



Judgement will be done by three international judges according to VNIIK rules.



For purebred classes:


Tatiana Riabova, Russia

Nadegda Abramova. Russia

Yulia Kuznetsova, Russia

Avaz Ismoilov, Uzbekistan


For partbred classes:


Tatiana Riabova, Russia

Nadegda Abramova, Russia

Yulia Kuznetsova, Russia

Avaz Ismoilov, Uzbekistan

Dr. Hecker Walter, Hungary




All owners and competitors shall be held personally liable for any damage caused to third parties by themselves or by their employees, agents, representatives and horses. We strongly recommend to have a third-party liability insurance policy valid and in effect as of the day of the championship. The organizer shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any accidents or diseases which may afflict the championship´s participants or their horses, or for any damage to property or financial loss.


Veterinary requirements


All horses must be vaccinated against influenza (at least the basic vaccination + revaccination according to the vaccination scheme of the vaccine producer, if necessary). All horses will be required to provide a negative EIA test report not older than two months and a negative malleus test report not older than three years. Horses from EU member states must have an EU Horse Passport.



The stabling is provided in fixed or mobile boxes. Its price includes bedding and hay. Water is available on the premises.

Horses for sale


Horses for sale are shown 2 times during the event the same way as for judgement.

Announcement, Akhal-teke European Championship 2017
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